general terms and conditions
Limousine Drive – Limousinenservice

1. Area of validity
The following terms and conditions are valid for all services provided by Limousine Drive – Limousineservice. When using our services the terms and conditions are mandatory and accepted.
Only if Limousine Drive – Limousine Service is giving a written confirmation, a deviation of this terms and conditions is possible.

2. Orders
All offers from LD-LS are without engagement. Every verbally order is requesting a written confirmation from us. A contract is also originated and confirmed when LD-LS is processing the service without having an written order in hand.
Every relevant information and data, which is necessary to fulfill the order, e.g. location, time, number of guests, cartype etc., have to be in time at LD-LS, before the service takes place.
LD-LS is not in charge to validate the provided data and information. Every side agreement and add-on needs to be also confirmed in writing.

3. Prices
The actual prices are valid as shown on the LD-LS homepage, if nothing else is proposed and confirmed. Additional services and those purchased from a third party(e.g. parking, expenses, fees, …) will be invoiced separately. All published prices are net prices and the actual valid VAT has to be added on.

4. Billing
When received an invoice it is payable as a moment’s notice, except there was a different agreement in advance approved. The invoice price has to be transferred all at once to our written bank account. We also accept all standard creditcards like VISA, American Express and Master Card. The fee will be 5% of the total invoice amount including VAT.
Customers also can pay cash direct after the service. Payment is fulfilled when LD-LS is having access over the complete invoice amount. In case the payment is delayed LD-LS will charge default interest in addition. In case the client is not paying LD-LS has the right to initiate a order for payment procedure. Until that procedure is cleared LD-LS can resign or deny any booking. Because of that the cancelation rules are not affected and entirely valid.

5. Cancelation
In case the client will resign the contract or is not using ordered services, there will be a cancellation fee (see below) for already proceeded necessisities.

  • The fee for cancelations up to 48 hours before the service is taking place will be 50% of the actual booking amount.
  • The fee for cancelations up to 24 hours before the service is taking place will be 100% of the actual booking amount.
  • If the client will not use the service without any notice in advance, he has to pay 100% of the order.
  • On complete arrangements and events (all bookings with more than three vehicles) the cancelation fee will be up to 7 till 6 days 50%, up to 5 till 3 days 80% and up to 3 days before the service takes place 100% of the proposed price.
  • In general all pick ups are included with 30 minutes waiting time. After that there will be charge in sequence of 30 minutes for each booked vehicle. For late delays and / or pick up time changes three hours before service there is a charge (depending on booking) in a sequence of 30 minutes or a full extra transfer.

6. Customer duties & responsibilities
The customer has the responsibility to act inside our vehicles always so, that safety of the driver and other clients is guaranteed. Directives from the chauffeur all occupants have to obey.
The contract will immediately terminated, if the customer is not behave contract wise.
In that case there is no extra notice of termination necessary. The claim to pay the agreed offer price will still be mandatory. Also has LD-LS the right to claim compensation because of breach the contract. For any damage to the car or other harm the causer or client will be liable. If causer and client are not the same they will jointly and severally liable.
The contractor is also fully responsible for his guest who will be serviced for him. Contermination, which goes over the regular usage, will be charged separately according to the cleaning bill.

7. Limitation of liability and period of prescription
Damages out of violation of duty, offense or impossible services is not in responsibility of LD-LS and its partners. Exceptions are only intent or gross negligence. The liability of LD-LS is limited to the max of
3 times of the contract price. All titles out of intent have to be submitted in between three working days after the service has been completed. Delays, caused out of act of nature or occurrences who generate difficulty in providing the service (especially technical Problems, weather, law or strike etc.), even if they occur at the subcontractor, LD-LS is not responsible for. In those cases LD-LS has the right to extend the service time in addition with an appropriate preparation time. If the service is not possible to perform in the way it was proposed, LD-LS can resign the contract. Even on exceedance the service time, which could not be avoided on diligence, LD-LS is not liable for.

8. Exclution of transportation
LD-LS can disbar services, if passengers can be a danger to ordinance and safety. A passenger can also be ruled out if he is not behave like the chauffeur address it, or if he is vandalize the vehicle.

9. Place and choice of jurisdiction, requirement of written form
All business- and legal relationships coming out of the contract with LD-LS will be liable to german law.
Legal domicile for all subjects originated out of the contract with LD-LS will be 63225 Langen,
even if the associated contractor has his legal domicile in another European State.
If the customer is a prudent businessman, legal entity or a legal fund the place for jurisdiction will be the court in 63225 Langen, Germany. In special cases LD-LS can choose another court which is responsible for these issues.